Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Photo-a-Day: Day Three (5.3.14)

//Day Three: In your purse/wallet

This seemed slightly strange to me, as generally people don't take pictures of the inside of their purses. I did it anyway. :) It is somewhat hard to see, but I usually keep these things in my purse. 

        • a notebook/journal (for any ideas or something I need to write down)
        • a pen and a pencil (so my notebook isn't there for nothing.)
        • gum (because everyone needs some)
        • lip gloss (I actually use this for chapped lips. It works awesomely.)
        • hand cream (I keep several tubes of this in my purse. It's necessary)
        • a wallet

I will usually have a small pocket Bible in there, and MP3 player and headset, and snacks. I couldn't get a picture of it all though. 

Tomorrow: Can't Live Without

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