Saturday, September 10, 2016

25 Ways to Celebrate Fall (because it's obviously the best season ever)

GUYS. It's September, which means that it is almost fall!! asdkfjslddasfdk It's SO CLOSE!! Coffee shops are starting to bring in their fall drinks, and I have already seen a few trees starting to turn colors!
If you haven't already figured it out...I LOVE FALL. It is definitely my favorite season. (with winter being a close second) There are pumpkin spice things, candles, sweaters, apples, leaves, chilly mornings, boots, and general happiness! SO, In honor of one of this wonderful occasion, I came up with a list of some ways to celebrate, because fall is obviously the best season ever and is worthy of a party.

I got inspiration for this post from Katie, who posted a while back about 100 (very serious) Ways to Celebrate Leap Day. Definitely go read that post if you haven't already!! 

OK, here we go!! 

1. Buy all the pumpkin spice things
Did you know that there are pumpkin spice cheerios now? I tried them and they are fabulous! 

2. Text all your friends and wish them a happy fall
Because we all want to annoy our friends like that.
3. Decorate your room for fall
Complete with pumpkins, candles, leaves and throw blankets

4. Make fall cookies
Because cookies. And fall. (Of course)

5. Get all the fall candle scents
Also: stock up on them so you can burn them all year and think about fall.

6. Make a new fall recipe every week
There are some pretty good ones online! Experiment while pumpkin is still a thing! 

7. Go to an apple orchard
Apples are an essential fall item!

8. Drink apple cider
If you go to an orchard, they have amazing apple cider! 

9. Get apple cider donuts
Those are amazing!! Also, you can usually only get them during fall!

10. Have a fall party
Because fall is obviously a reason to celebrate.

11. Make a scarecrow
Just because it's fun.
12. Rake tons of leaves
This is a fall essential. That is, if you have leaves to rake..

13. Jump in the leaves
Another fall essential. 

14. Drink coffee
Always an essential no matter what.

15. Bring your neighbors fall cookies
You know how people give out cookies for Christmas? Why not do it for fall too?

16. Buy socks with pumpkins on them
They look really cool. 

17. Make a pumpkin pizza
This one's for you, Katie! :p 

18. Write a novel about fall 
It would be a bestseller!

19. Trip and fall
Ok that was cheesy. sorry. 

20. Take lots of pictures 
So you will never forget about it

21. Say "happy fall!" to everyone you see
Because the world needs a happy fall

22. Throw leaves at everyone
Because not everybody has leaves to enjoy.

23. Make up a fall recipe
And hope it turns out well

24. Make a video about fall
Or falling. Your choice.

25. Color a fall picture
Everyone loves coloring, right? Why not color a pumpkin? 

Is fall your favorite season too?
What are your favorite ways to celebrate fall? 
(Or do you just ignore it? That would be really sad.)

Have a lovely day!! 
Oh, and HAPPY FALL!!

~Megan ♥

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  1. Hey Megan! I love this post!

    I just finished a bowl of Pumpkin Spice Cheerios! :)

    With love and all joy,
    Allie D.

  2. I love this! Fall is my favorite- I'll definitely be doing some of these really soon! :)

    1. Thank you so much, Emily!! OHMYWORD fall is my favorite too. (but you already know that. :p)

  3. Haha, I love this post! These ideas are so awesome. I'm pretty excited for fall too, it's probably my favorite season AFTER summer :) But reading posts like these really get me pumped for fall.

    1. GAH Thank you, Autumn!! Haha Summer definitely has its perks (like no school YAS) but I basically love everything about fall, so it has to be my favorite season. :D I'm SO EXCITED!! ♥

  4. Hooray! The best season of the year is here. This was a lovely post. I'm working on doing all of these things directly!

    1. YAS I LOVE FALL!! I'm glad you are doing all of these! :D Just be careful may hurt. :p

  5. FALL IS TOTALLY THE BESTEST. Love this post. :D

    1. YES IT IS!! Thank you, Hannah!! :) ♥

  6. I LOVE THIS POST MEGAN!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE FALL!!!!!!!!!!!*ok.maybe I should stop the exclamation points!!!!!* ~Abby <3<3<3

    1. OH, don't stop with the exclamation points, FALL DESERVES THEM!!!! :D ♥

    2. Ok. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~Abby <3<3<3

  7. This was super awesome!! :) I love fall (we call it Autumn here :P). Right now I'm super excited though because it's SPRING over here! Yay for Spring! Autumn is awesome... but spring is too :P Then we get summer! Yay!

    1. Eeep thank you, Bonnie! I love how the seasons are reversed with us. It's SUPER COOL AND MIND BLOWING LIKE WHAT HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?!? I love spring too!!! I just love seasons in general, actually. :D

      I feel like in America we use the term "fall" and "autumn" interchangeably. I know I do, at least. Haha ♥

  8. "Make a video about fall. Or falling." <-- omg cannot stop laughing that was the best. XD

    EEK THANKS FOR THE SHOUTOUT. And dude, a pumpkin pizza?? I'm not sure whether to be in awe or slightly terrified at the thought. Maybe pizza in the SHAPE of a pumpkin. xD *actually doesn't love the taste of pumpkin* *oops*

    COFFEE AND HOT COCOA AND APPLE CIDER. Allll the fall drinks. o.o

    Loved this post! So entertaining. :D

    // katie grace
    a writer's faith

    1. You're welcome!! :) I wasn't so sure about the pumpkin pizza thing but I do love pizza and I know you do so I was like "Whatever it won't hurt to try!!" Lol I would probably never eat it. :D


      Thank you for commenting, Katie! :) ♥

  9. Ahh I'm so very jealous! Normally I'd be home in scotland,freezing to death and getting so so so excited about autumn/fall and wearing cute scarfs and duffle coats and gloves and having all the pumpkin spice things, but now I'm in India and it's 30 odd degrees and all we ave is some seasonal monsoon rain showers to celebrate with! I don't think we realise how much we like a season until we're not around for it.

    Hope you enjoy fall!


    Anne //

    1. OH, I would miss fall so much too!! *wails*
      I'm sure that you are doing amazing things in India, though!!

      Thank you for commenting, Anne!! ♥♥

      P.S. I didn't know you were from Scotland that is SO COOL GAH I WANT TO GO TO SCOTLAND SO BAD.

  10. Nice ideas for ways to celebrate autumn. I love this time of year too! Particularly I enjoy getting out my fall clothing. My summer wardrobe is getting old, and I am looking forward to wearing all my autumn/winter apparel.
    Glitzy Girl.
    P.S. I would appreciate it if you could stop on by my newly up running blog

    1. YES fall clothes are always the best!! It's all so cozy and warm and cute and GAH I LOVE IT ALL.

      I'll gladly stop by your blog!! Thank you for visiting mine and for your lovely comment! :)♥

  11. Just had Apple Cider Donuts just this morning. We are having Pumpkin Donuts tomorrow. ~Abby <3<3<3

    1. OOOoooohhh YUM!! It wouldn't be a proper response if I didn't ask you to mail me some like usual!! :D Please? ;P ♥♥♥

    2. Just saw your comment...Sorry. They're gone now, but like I usually say they woudn't be good by the time they'd get to your place. Missing you! ~Abby <3<3<3

  12. THIS IS A LOVELY LIST MEGAN. <3 Fall is amazing yes but I wish it would just turn to spring after fall and skip winter... IN A PERFECT WORLD. :'''') omg also those pumpkin spice cheerios i need them in my life <3


    1. GAH Thank you, Abbiee!! Haha I love spring and fall and that would be an almost perfect world but I love CHRISTMAS TOO MUCH. haha I don't think I would like a world without Christmas. (Maybe it wouldn't be so bad because it would be like living in Narnia without the cold but I don't know if I'd like it or not) :D

      TRY THE CHEERIOS THEY ARE AMAZING!!! Psst you can get them at walmart. :) ♥

  13. HI Megan, I love this post!! Fall is fabulous. Did you ever have the sudden impish wish to just leap up, twirl, dance, sing, and run, all because you just LOVE fall? I actually do that all the time, like this morning in the back parking lot of church! I'm really hoping no one saw me :}
    Fall is definitely one of God's lovely blessings!!
    - Sarah. G

    1. SARAH!! I am so glad that you commented! This made my day!! :) YES I do all of that stuff, and I do generally try to do it in secret as well. :D But FALL IS WORTH IT. :D

      GAH I love this season.

      Thanks for commenting!! :) ♥

  14. I WISH THAT I LIKED FALL!!! I love listening to other people get excited about it but I'm too busy mourning the loss of summer. XD

    1. Hahaha Summer is a wonderful season, but it is SO HOT. I dunno...I probably mourn the loss of summer for a good hour or so... :p I just love fall too much. :D ♥


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