Thursday, May 26, 2016

12 Things Every Homeschooler Knows To Be True

There are certain things that just go along with homeschooling. 

(and here is where every homeschooler reading this can't wait to see if they are a "normal" homeschooler or not. Oh, the social pressures... :p)

In light of the (fabulously) approaching summer, I thought it would be fun to list off some things that every homeschooler knows to be true. I hope that if you are a homeschooler like me, you find this list to be funny, and perhaps even a little bit uncomfortably accurate. *maniacal laughs* Enjoy! :)

1.) Middle-of-the-day Errands
It is rather amusing how suspicious people become when you are at the store with your mom in the middle of the day. You will unfailingly get asked at least once every time, "Oh, is school out already?" Sometimes you decide to wait until the afternoon to run your errands, just to avoid the awkward "Oooohhhh, ok..." when they find out that you are homeschooled. 

2.) The feeling of finishing your school early 
There is nothing quite like finishing all of your school, looking at the clock, and realizing that it is only ten in the morning. That usually happens only on the days when you are really motivated to wake up on time and do all of your school in one sitting with no distractions. Be careful, though...if you do it too much, you may end up getting double work assigned! 

3.) You never get snow days
Every homeschooler can relate to this one. (That is, if you live in a place that gets snow.) The neighbors are all outside playing in the snow, but since you don't have to go anywhere, it's just another normal day of school for you. There will be no playing outside until all of your work is done. Bummer.

4.) "Recess" was playing in the backyard so Mom could have quiet
This is the part where we give a shout-out to all of the homeschooling moms out there. Having all of your kids at home with you all day and giving them an education is not an easy task! It takes a lot to be able to do that! Oh, and just for the record, we LOVED our recess just as much as you did! ;) 
5.) You always get your birthday off of school
You kind of grew up thinking of your birthday as a holiday for this reason. Who but a homeschooler gets to skip school on their birthday? I mean, it can't get better than that.. :D
6.) Anything could be a field trip 
At some time or another, we have all had the mornings happen when Mom comes in the room and announces a field trip for the day instead of school. Whether it's hiking or a games, any opportunity to be off of school for the day was really exciting. 

7.) Discussing different curriculum with your homeschooled friends 
When you first meet another homeschooler, one of the first conversations you will have is about the curriculum that you use. While this probably sounds really strange, it's a very real thing that happens all the time. (ok yeah that's pretty strange...I'll admit it. :p) 

8.) You can go on vacation at any time through the year
One of my favorite things about being homeschooled is the fact that we don't have to wait until summer to go on a family vacation! You can only hope that you don't have to bring school along for when you are in the car. There are always dangers when you can bring your school anywhere. :p 

9.) You can do your school anywhere and everywhere
A lot of people think that all homeschoolers just sit around the dining room table all morning to do their school, but that is not always true. Especially once you get older, you can pretty much sit anywhere to work. Whether it is in the car on the way to co-op, on your bed, or on the couch, school can take place at any time and anywhere. 

10.) You are pretty much never bored
Or at least, you never admit that you are bored. The thing about living at your school is that there is always extra work to do if you have nothing else to keep you occupied. This lesson is usually learned at a very young age, and by the time you are in high school, you have mastered the art of keeping yourself busy. 

11.) Your book collection rivals the Library of Congress
There are at least four giant bookshelves in your house (with one specifically for the encyclopedias and dictionaries), and the collection is steadily growing. Each kid usually has their own personal stash of favorite books as well. Library trips are pretty infrequent, unless you are in a library research section in your English. (psstt...if there are any A Beka Book users out there you know exactly what I mean. Oh wait there I go talking about curriculum... sorryyyy :p)  

12.) You never really thought of homeschooling as being weird
 It strikes you as odd when others think that you are some strange species of human. It's what you do, and it's who you are. You are an awesome homeschooler. And you wouldn't have it any other way. 

~Megan ♥ 




    3. *sigh* Nope. Although since I live in the South and snow is horribly rare, usually our mom will let us go outside and then do our school later, so that we can play in the snow before it all melts away haha.

    4. Recess was the besttttttttttt.

    5. My birthday is in the summer, so I never got this >.<

    6. It really could be. Gosh I loved field trips.

    7. IT HAPPENS ALL THE TIME THOUGH. I cannot count the amount of times I've discussed curriculum. It's just normal! I don't even think about it. I actually never thought "hey that's actually weird" until I read this haha.

    8. IT'S SO GREAT!! I love being able to go to the beach in the fall or spring when it's not crowded or super hot. Plus, rates are cheaper!

    9. I think I did school at the table the first year or two? In elementary school? Now I do literally all of my school on my bed or on the floor.

    10. What is this bored that you speak of??

    11. I have sooooooooo many books! But we still go to the library a ton because my sisters and I read incredibly quickly.

    12. I really haven't ever thought of homeschooling as weird. It's the best!!

    This post was amazing, Megan. It's so relatable!!!

    1. Hi Grace!! Oh, I feel sorry for you not having any snow!! :( But I've been to the South many times and I love it there! :D
      Thank you for commenting!! :)
      <3 Megan

  2. I LOVE BEING ABLE TO DO SCHOOL WHEREVER I WANT. Seriously. That's one of the best things of being homeschool. I get to like lounge on the couch one day, and sprawl on the floor the next. And bathroom breaks whenever I want. ALLL the snacks. AND MUSIC.

    Basically homeschooling is the best. <3

    // katie grace
    a writer's faith

    1. YAS!!! I didn't even think to mention all of the fun things like snacks!!! I have had TONS of people ask if I get to eat during school, and I love being able to say "Why yes, I do! The possibilities are endless, really!" xD
      Homeschooling is seriously fabulous.

      Thanks for commenting, Katie! :)

      <3 Megan

  3. Your posts like this are thee absolute cutest!!!! I KNOW. that weird feeling when the cashiers at the grocery store say stuff like, "Skipped school today?" and "Are you sick?"
    Gah. This post...So cute, and true.

    1. AWWW thank you soo much, Michaila!! You're so sweet!! And OHMYGOODNESS seriously if I had a dollar for every time I was asked those questions I would be a millionaire!
      Thank you again for commenting!! <3


  4. I wish I was home schooled. I mean I was until the third grade but that wasn't enough time at home reading books and learning about the world with your mom.

    1. I have a ton of friends that say the same thing, but I also know several homeschoolers that wish they were in public school, so I guess it goes both ways! lol

      Thank you for commenting, Vanessa! :)


  5. This is perfect! I can relate to everything-- except that maybe "snow days" are more like "ice days" ( I live in the South). When we hear neighbor kids outside at 11 AM , we're like "Oh yeah, it's someone-on-the-calendar's-birthday!" ;P
    You have yourself a new follower! <3

    Emily//A Purpose and A Promise

    1. That's awesome! :D I think the birthday thing is my favorite part about being homeschooled. :P

      THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR FOLLOWING EMILY YOU ARE SO SWEET! (And your blog is amazing too!) :) <3


  6. oh, gosh. This post is perfect. XD

  7. Oh my gosh all of these are so true! I'm a homeschooler and I can relate to all of them! XD

  8. SOOOO TRUUUEE!!! Fantastic list!

  9. Love this post!!!!~Abby <3<3<3

  10. This is ridiculously relatable!! :)

  11. Oh my gosh, this is so accurate. I didn't like going to the store to early in that day. I didn't want any questions asked. Also, since I'm from the south, there was one time it snowed in February many years ago and even though it was like a light coating, all the schools were cancelled...except ours. But, we got to play outside first and then I got all my school done quick to go down to a friend's house. It was awesome. And being bored equals chores. Yep, I know.

    This was so good. Glad I came across your blog. Not sure if you'll see this since I'm like a year late to this post, but it was just too accurate not to comment. God bless.


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