Friday, June 20, 2014

10 Cute Summer Hairstyles

Bonjour, friends!
With it being so hot this summer, I have been trying to find ways to keep my hair out of my way, but still have it look nice. I found this YouTube channel that I love. It has tutorials for so many different hairstyles, that you are bound to find at least five that you love. As you can see, I found at least ten, and I am going to share them with you! I have been practicing them on my hair this summer, and hopefully I will have them down soon! Enjoy! ♥

//1: The Laced Fishtail Braid: This one is so pretty. I love the combination. It keeps you cool, too!

//2: The Alternative Braid: This is such a cool hairstyle! I really like the unique look of this one. 

//3: Dutch Flower Braid: This one is a huge favorite of mine. It is more of a formal hairstyle, but I would wear it to church or something. 

//4: The Perfect Ponytail: I love this idea! It is really pretty. 

//5: Flipped Fishtail Updo: This one is another formal one, but it was so pretty that I couldn't resist. 

//6: Lace Braided Ponytail: This is a really pretty way to spice up a ponytail. 

//7: Easy Twisted Updo: This is a really pretty variation on a side bun. I love the loose, relaxed look of it. Perfect for church or some kind of event. 

//8: The Knotted Pullback: This is one with hair down, but you can always pair it with a ponytail or something if you want it off of your neck. 

//9: Feather Waterfall and Ladder Braid Combo: This is a beautiful hairstyle. I really love the look of the waterfall braid! 

//10: Princess Aurora Twistback: This is a perfect half-updo. I like it alot. 

And thus concludes this hair-centered post! Try out some of these and let me know how it works! I want to know your favorites, too! Much love! Until next time! ♥


  1. Have you seen malificent?? It was so good! ;)

  2. Megan, Ashley just did the Feather Waterfall and Ladder braid Combo to my hair on Wednesday. I can't do it myself...yet. ~Abby

  3. What is malificent? ~Abby

    1. Thanks! Do you know if it is fantasy? ~Abby

    2. Yeah it's Disney I think.


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