Wednesday, August 27, 2014

floral fantasies

I love flower gardens. There is something about the delicate petals and the soft brown earth underneath them that I find very attractive. I always feel so much appreciation for the way God has designed things and how much beauty He has created for us to enjoy. Borrowing from Anne Shirley, "The world looks like something God had just imagined for His own pleasure, doesn't it?"
I had a great pleasure of visiting this beautiful flower garden on Friday, and I couldn't have asked for more beautiful fountains and flowers as I saw that day. I took tons of pictures, and I'm going to post some today, although it won't do it a bit of justice. I really want to go back in the spring, when everything is just starting to bloom. I can't even imagine how pretty it would be then.




Leave a comment and let me know what you liked best! I'll be posting my August Favorites next, so keep your eye open! Until then,

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