Friday, August 29, 2014

August Favorites {2014}

Hello! Today I'm doing my August Favorites! I am trying to do variety with the different categories, taking out some and adding new ones in so that it stays interesting. So, here are my August Favorites! Enjoy!

//Clothing Favorites:

☼ I have been loving this Chicago Bears shirt since I recently found it at the thrift store. It is so comfy, and I love the colors! I am not a sports fan, but I would cheer for them if I was, simply because of the colors. I usually pair it with this grey sweater and my favorite pair of jeans. It has been getting colder lately and this has been one of my go-to casual outfits. 

☼ I have also been loving infinity scarves. They go great with so much! I have really had fun experimenting with different looks.

//Food Favorites:

☼ I have really been enjoying these cheese crackers for some time now. (my lactose-intolerant stomach hasn't, but that's ok. ;) They are super delicious, and they make a great on-the-go snack. 

 Raisin Bran has been one of my favorite cereals  for a long time, but it just recently became my all-time favorite. I eat it a lot. It's really healthy, too, which is what I need to start eating more of. :)

☼ Ever since I became lactose intolerant, I have really come to love Greek Yogurt. It is the only kind of yogurt I can have without getting sick, and let me tell you, I am REALLY glad it is. I love it. 

//Beauty Favorites:

☼ I don't have too many things that are different from last month, but this spray is a really big favorite of mine. I use it right after I get out of the shower, and it smells delicious. 

☼ And, of course, coconut oil is another one of my beauty favorites. My next post is a how-to for using it in your hair, so keep a watch out for that! I'm really excited about showing you guys how I do it and how it's helped my hair! 

//Miscellaneous Favorites:

☼ I literally waited all summer to be able to start wearing sweaters, drinking pumpkin spice coffee, and burning autumn candles. I FINALLY have been able to do it now! It has been getting cooler here, and we are  losing leaves from trees, even though they haven't really turned colors that much. I am reeealllyy excited about it. :)
 I found three pumpkin spice candles that I melted down into one, and I use it every day. I put it on my candle warmer and turn it on first thing in the morning, so by noon or so my whole room smells AMAZING. I usually leave it on all day, too. 

//Favorite Blog Posts: 

☼ Michaela F. at Quaintly Quaintrelle: A Study In Positive  -this post was really challenging and inspiring. It's a really good read.

Michaela S. at This Amazing Life: Study Tips -these are some really good back-to-school tips for studying! 

//Favorite Music:

This is always hard for me, because I like so many songs, but I have reduced it down to a few. :)

☼ "Shepherd Boy" by Christ Tomlin on "Burning Lights": This song is so beautiful and relaxing...I have been listening to it a lot lately.

☼ "The Prayer" by Charlotte Church and Josh Groban: What can I say? This one is on repeat. 

 "Thank You God For Saving Me" by Chris Tomlin and Phil Wickham on "Burning Lights": This song is really pretty. They blend SO well together!  

☼ "Give Me Your Eyes" by Brandon Heath on "Don't Get Comfortable": This is a really good song that I have liked for a long time. I have had this one on repeat as well. :)

Those are all of my favorites for this month! Leave a comment below telling me what your favorites are this month!
I'll be posting a coconut oil hair tutorial soon! Until then,


  1. I LOVE The Prayer with Josh Groban and Charlotte Church. When I first listened to it (not on the blog) I played it several times in a row, now, I have limited myself (very hard to do, I might add) to only once a week. I played it twice on here though, Oops! ~Abby

    1. Haha! You don't know how many times I have played that song! You probably actually don't even want to know! :D I think maybe 4-5 times in one day was the maximum...or minimum. Don't remember. lol :)

  2. The Dannon Oikos yogurt is very good. Look for the Triple Zero ones.


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