Saturday, February 27, 2016

February 2016 | Month in Review

Hello!!! I feel sooo happy that I am finally able to blog again! I have sat down several times to do it this month, but for some reason, I never seemed to have anything to say. HOWEVER, I am back again, and I couldn't be more excited to blog today!! Since I was gone for basically all of February, I'm going to give a sort of update on what went on this month, most likely with a few other random things thrown in. I will kind of give a report card on this month's resolutions along with the update. I feel like it makes things more interesting to read. :)
Early on this month I got sick (twice!), so there was a whole lot of sleeping, reading, tea-drinking, and snuggling under blankets. I have to admit, it was nice to rest and relax, but I definitely would have enjoyed it much more if I was feeling well. *shame on you, sickness!*

Play practice, memorizing lines, and character development have been a significant part of this month as well! I am really enjoying the play this year. Being involved in a play is hands-down amazing. There is beautiful bonding with the cast, hilarious memories, and unceasing amounts of laughter during practice! (Hooray for comedies!) Our performances are only a month away, so things are going to be crazy pretty soon, but it is SO. MUCH. FUN. I just got my costume, and I am super excited about learning how to do the 1940's hairstyles, makeup, and all that fun stuff!

Thankfully, there has been a good chunk of time that I wasn't sick, and in that time, I did a good bit of experimenting in the kitchen! That was one of my resolutions, and I am really glad that I was able to fulfill it. I found some delicious ways to make sorbet and dairy-free ice cream, which was a complete WIN. It was so much fun to get into the kitchen and let my creativity loose! I love cooking.

As I mentioned before, there was a lot of time for me to do reading, and I also have amazing friends who secretly bought me Anne of Avonlea and had it shipped to my house! I was sooo surprised to get that in the mail! It had me squealing with happiness!  (Seriously, who doesn't LOVE surprise packages?!)  Since I finished the book way too early in the month, and because I knew that I would devour the entire series if I didn't take drastic measures to restrain myself, I read that lovely book all over again! I am really happy that I own the entire series now. So, so happy. (many thanks to my dad for that thrift store win!!) I am going to post my review for Anne of Avonlea very, very soon, so be looking out for it!

As far as school goes, I am learning a lot about pace. I tried to cram in order to catch up, and it just wasn't working out. When it comes to setting goals, I am very idealistic. However, I tend to crash when things don't work out like I anticipated. I did not completely catch up on everything like I wanted to, but I am blessed to be homeschooled and be able to learn at my own pace, which matters a lot more.

Something I have been working on this month is a sort of schedule or guideline for blogging. I am considering picking one day of the week as my "blogging day," and that way I will publish one post a week on a set day. I really like the idea, but I will need to do some more thinking and planning before putting it into action. 

Another thing I want to share is this video from Sadie Robertson. She made some great points about finding your confidence in God, instead of seeking it in yourself. I found it really encouraging and I hope it is the same for you. It is definitely worth taking the time to watch!

Have a lovely day!!

~Megan ♥


  1. Great always. Sorry I haven't been able to comment more, but, this month has been super busy and I haven't really had the time to sit down and look at your blog...But, I am glad to be back. BTW, what play are you doing and what part are you playing? I'm not sure if you're allowed to give out this kind of info. If not, just leave a frown. I was just curious. Abby <3<3<3

    1. I'm glad you're back too! :) I can totally give you that info! :D We are doing "The Mystery at Whimbowly Manor." It is written by someone from our church, and it's awesome!! I am a news reporter named Hester Gordan. It's a fun play..I wish you could come and see it!!! <3 <3 (here's a smile instead of a frown: :) :) :) )


    2. haha. just saw your comment...silly me! ~Abby <3<3<3

    3. Hey! I have an idea! Maybe you can record it for me and send it to me through the mail. Just a thought. ~Abby<3<3<3


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