Monday, October 31, 2016

Rilla of Ingleside: October Review

Well, October is officially over! (what am I even typing this is insane!!!) I can't believe that October is already over! EEEEP but that means that it is NOVEMBER and this month is Thanksgiving and Christmas planning and YES I'M SO EXCITED!!! *screams to infinity and beyond*

Anyways, I was debating on whether to do a month-in-review post or the review for the Anne of Green Gables Reading Challenge, but not too much happened this month, and I didn't want to bore you with a month in review post that didn't have anything in it. SO, I decided to go with the book review. (which may be boring anyways but whatever)

This is the last book in the series, which means that it is also the last review! I still haven't found The Blythes are Quoted, unfortunately, so I will not be able to do that review. If I ever get it, I will absolutely do it, though! :) 

As you can probably tell from the title, this book is primarily about Rilla, Anne and Gilbert's youngest daughter. Rilla is introduced at the beginning of the book as a tall, attractive, cheerful girl of fourteen. She loves to laugh, hates to work, and her goal is to have as much fun as possible while she can. 
In the middle of the book, WWI begins, and many of the young men that Rilla knows, including her dear brothers and Kenneth Ford, head off to fight for their freedom. With all of her siblings moved out of the house, Rilla is left at home to face what she believes will be a very dull year. However, when she discovers a tiny orphaned baby and brings him home in a soup tureen, her life completely changes as she learns how to be responsible and able to care for the baby. Through the years of waiting, joy, pain, and loss, we get to see Rilla grow up, becoming more responsible and capable than anyone thought possible. 

This book. fasdlkjfeoiwureljlr WHERE DO I EVEN START IT WAS AMAZING! It is my favorite book of the series (or at least tied with the first one!), and it made me cry because it was just so beautiful. I felt like I was right there the whole time, watching and experiencing everything, and I loved it!!

Ugh I don't even know what else to say except that it was fabulous, I absolutely recommend it, and you haVE TO READ IT NOW.

A huge HUGE thank you to Elyssa over at Purple Ink Studios for creating/hosting the 2016 Anne of Green Gables Reading Challenge! It was a TON of fun to do, and I am so happy to have been a part of it! Thanks a million, Elyssa! :) ♥

Have a lovely day! :) 

~Megan ♥

P.S. NANO STARTS TOMORROW Y'ALL. *screams* Are you ready?!?!?


  1. I just finished this one too! I actually didn't like it much on my first read, but I loved it this time. :)

  2. Have you looked here:


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