Friday, December 23, 2016

The Ultimate 2016 Blogger Gift Exchange | Opal Swirls

Hello, everyone! Merry Christmas!!! Today's post is super exciting. Several of us bloggers have a group chat, and a while back, we were talking about how fun it would be to do a Secret Santa Gift Exchange. Well, Jo from The Bearable Blog and Vanessa from Simply Me worked really hard together and made it happen!! Sooo, today I will be posting about my recipient and her blog!

I am paired up with Opal from Opal Swirls! I had never seen Opal's blog before the gift exchange, so I am really glad that I was paired up with her! Her blog is AMAZING. She has such a sweet blog, and her writing style is really fun!

Because I had never visited Opal's blog, I needed to find out a bit about her, so I (obviously) went over to her blog and read her posts/explored/creeped for quite some time! It did not disappoint, because I found out some pretty cool stuff about her! (p.s. I found out that we are super similar in our likes and dislikes. Actually, we are basically mental twins. Except for math. I am confident that she has far surpassed me in that area. :p) We are both the same age, she loves coffee, music, horses, books, writing, and the color purple. Other really awesome things about her: she is a Christian, a great writer, she has a fabulous personality, and a lovely face. Plus, I LOVE the color/look/everything of her hair. IT'S GORGEOUS. If her blog indicates anything about her personality, she's got to be the sweetest person alive! Oh also ALSO I watched her vlog and she has a lovely accent! Now you should totally go check out her blog and you will see for yourself what I mean. She's awesome.

As I was looking around Opal Swirls, I came across several posts that I really love. Of course I had to share them with you!

She also does really cool monthly review posts that are really fun to read! I couldn't link them all here, though, but you should go check those out too! 

If you aren't already following Opal, you totally should!! You will love her blog and her personality, and I don't think she will mind if you follow her either! ;)

Here are her social media links! Go check them out and give her a follow!

A Very Merry Christmas to you, Opal! We totally need to talk sometime, because you seem like an amazing person. I'm so glad I was introduced to your blog!

Merry Christmas!!!!

Have a lovely day! :)

~Megan ♥


  1. Megan!!!!!!! This is so lovely!!!! Thank you so much for all your wonderful and kind words. This is honestly one of the best Christmas gifts I have ever gotten. Merry Christmas to you as well!

    Thank you so much again xx

    1. Eeeep I'm so glad you liked it, Opal!! You are so sweet!!

      P.S. Your blog is da bomb so everything I said was the truth. :)

  2. Ah this is such a lovely idea! I must check this blog out *nods*


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