Friday, January 27, 2017

Thankfulness Thursday (or...Friday?)

 I am finally sitting down on Thursday night to write this up, so I guess it will be a day late. So sorry about my posting being completely entire schedule has been off lately, so finding time to blog has been hard. I really wanted to post the Thankfulness Thursday today, especially since I missed it last week!

thankful for...

encouragement from dear friends
fuzzy slippers
the adorable kids I babysit (GAH I love them!)
post-it notes
morning coffee
cough medicine
homemade cookies
taking the leap
stuffed animals
finding my favorite missing pens


Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good, for his steadfast love endures forever! 
Psalm 107:1 


  1. Hey,
    Oh my God I love handmade cookies. They are the best.
    Love, lea

    1. RIGHT?!? Cookies are always a good idea. :) ♥

  2. Oh my, yes, finding FAVOURITE missing pens is the best feeling in the world.... love it love it love it

    1. It makes me so happy!! lol #writerslifeforme


  3. Finding a missing favorite pen is literally the best thing ever. XD <3

  4. Replies
    1. Yeah I basically couldn't survive without it xD ♥♥

  5. homemade cookies are wonderful
    love these:)

    1. Oh yes they are for sure!! Thank you, Elissa!! ♥♥

  6. You'll find this silly, but at sixteen years of age, I still love my stuffed animals. My Dad gave me 1 for Valentine's day when I was three, and the other one came from you,Megan. ~Abby <3<3<3

    1. That isn't silly at ALL. I still have almost every stuffed animal I have gotten! I love them so much, and I hope they never go out of style. I'm so glad you like the one from me!! You are so sweet!! ♥♥♥


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