Saturday, February 4, 2017

don't give up.

i see that you're hurting
what can i do
you don't talk about it
but your eyes speak volumes.
your smile fades just a little too fast
and when you laugh it never seems to last
you gaze so wistfully
at people passing by
yet you say
"i'm ok"
"yeah, i'm totally fine."

i know that you aren't
it hurts me, you know
i see your heart breaking and
mine breaks a bit too
just let me in
i care about you

He made you
He called you
He says you're redeemed
and nothing you do
nothing you've done
can pull you away from his
deep deep love
if we look around honestly
we'd see it all plain
you're not the only one
feeling pain

you aren't weird
all alone
or strange
i promise you that
everyone here
has a weight on their back
but you see
you don't have to
i'm here for you
we'll do it together
He'll see us through

you've been lived for
died for
loved oh so deeply
don't shut help out
please just hear me

i love you
He loves you
don't ever forget
that no matter the pain
the hurt
or regret
i'm here for you
you can stay in my arms

He'll carry you through
no matter how dark
so whatever you do
just please

don't give up.

(a rather roughly written little piece of my heart that i may regret publishing someday because of the bad grammar and breaking writing rules but whatever. :p )


  1. This is so good Megan :D Keep up the good work!!


  2. I almost cried reading this.

    I needed those words more than you know.

    thank you.

  3. this is so beautiful like omw, Megan. <333

  4. tears <3
    so so so important and beautiful!

  5. This is a beautiful poem ugh *cries* Thank you for posting this <3

  6. this is so beautiful. Thank you for writing.

  7. This is so beautiful! This is my first blog post that I have read of yours, and I'm hooked! Like wow...that was so beautiful. Also the particular topic you talked about is so close to my heart as well. Plz don't take it down ever, more people need to hear this :) amazing work.


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