Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Report Card: February 2015 Resolutions

I recently started something new to keep myself accountable for the goals that I'm making every month. Last month, I posted my February Resolutions, complete with a promise to do a sort of "report card" with how I did in fulfilling them. 
(Read my February Resolutions here!)
Today I'm going to post that report card. I'm not completely pleased with how I did with everything, but I did do the main things that needed to be accomplished. 
So...here it is! I'll post my March Resolutions in a day or so.

1. Finish reading 3 books|C
 I did terrible on this one this month! I was only able to read about two books. I did end up getting back to writing, which is one reason why I didn't do as much reading. I am not counting it a complete failure, though, because I was able to finish some. I'm hoping to find a good balance between my writing and reading though. 
(Here are some of my favorites!)

2. Blog at least once a week|A
I did blog once a week! I'm also hoping to be able to do more next month. I feel like I'm doing better with being consistent than I used to, so I'm setting a goal of twice a week for March! 

3. Keep up on piano playing|A
I have been playing piano more, and it is really refreshing! I'm working on a very difficult song right now, so hopefully I can keep that going.

4. Get on a new schedule|A
I did get onto my new schedule finally! I'm still experimenting, but so far so good! I'm catching up and getting things done, which is what I mainly wanted to accomplish.

5. Consistent Journaling|B
I have done better with this than before, but it's not quite what I wanted it to be. I have only been doing it about 3 times a week or so, and I really want to make it a habit of doing it every night.

Overall Score: B
I really hope these monthly resolutions/report card will help with accountability reasons, and so far it seems to be working! It makes it easier to have a sort of group of friends to hold me accountable. :) 

How did you do on your resolutions? Let me know in the comments below! I'll be back soon with my March Resolutions!
 Much love,
                  ~Megan ♥    

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  1. What difficult piano piece are you working on?? ~Abby


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