Friday, March 6, 2015

March Resolutions {2015}

Last month, I posted my February Resolutions for the sake of accountability and to keep me motivated. I was really happy with how it worked out, so I'm going to be doing it monthly. I will also post a report card with my "scores" at the end of each month. 
Today (and a little late) I'm posting my March Resolutions for y'all!   
1. Blog at least 2 times every week: Since I was able to easily do a post at least once a week last month, I am going to bump it up to two. Hopefully I can stay on track with it!

2. Finish catching up on school: I got really behind over Christmas with some of my schoolwork, so I'm hoping to be able to catch up this month! I am just about there, but I still have a little ways to go before I am completely caught up.

3. Iron out my part for the play: I have a play at the end of March, and I still have some things that I want to smooth out with my character before the production. This is a resolution that is really important not to fail with!

4. Write every day: I'm in the middle of planning for a book that I'm writing, and I really want to make a habit of writing some each day. I feel very refreshed after writing, and it is something that I really enjoy. (P.S. Fellow writers! I found this really great site that I found is really helpful for my writing:

5. Get-together with friends: I feel like my friends and I have been too busy to get together very much lately. Hopefully this month I will be able to schedule in a much needed hangout with a few friends. 

Soo...what are your resolutions for this month? If you have your own blog you should do a post and comment with the link! I'll post my report card at the end of the month! 

                                                    Much love,
                                                                   ~Megan ♥                           

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  1. The website is great! I totally agree with catching up on school;I had that same problem. Also, hanging out with friends more,definitely. ~Abby


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