Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Awk & Awe Tuesday | pushing on a pull door, losing desk keys, and midnight inspiration.

This is the first time ever that I have done one of these posts! It is a ton of fun, so I will most likely be doing more of these in the future!
I have seen one or two of these posts before, but I mainly got my inspiration from a Blogger friend of mine: Michaela over at Quaintrelle!If you haven't seen her blog yet, go check it out for sure. Her writing style is beautiful, and she has a really cool blog! She recently did this Awkward and Awesome post, which I found really fun to read, and it inspired me to go ahead and put together one of my own. It's not easy admitting some of the really dumb things that I do, but if it makes you laugh at least a little, it has accomplished its purpose. :)
*me and my crazy awesome family. This picture gives you a glimpse into what our house is like every day! :)

~ Bear-hugging a huge bush while walking down the sidewalk. In my defense, I was distracted by a gorgeous dog in someone's yard. I will say that it was quite embarrassing though... :P

~ Walking into a door. Well, that happened for about the 435,293 time. Not only that, but in my haste to smoothly cover it up, pushed on the door, only to come face-to-face with a sign that says "Pull to open." Yeah, ok, so maybe I'm kind of a klutz....

~ Losing the key to my writing desk...after putting it in a special place "where I could find it easily." Admit it, though, this has happened to everyone at some point. Thankfully, I found it shortly afterwards, but I was really worried for a day or two!

~ A camera with no memory card. Sadly, the memory card for my camera was misplaced, and I didn't realize it until I took the camera somewhere to take pictures and could only take about ten of them. I know now that I need to check for a memory card before I take the camera!

~ Mistaking strangers for friends. Oh, the embarrassment...at least they ignored me completely, and I was the only one that felt the awkwardness from calling them someone they definitely were not. Oops.. :P

~ Literal "Hot Potato"...complete with dancing across the kitchen and burned fingers. Note to self: do NOT take a freshly cooked sweet potato out of the microwave with your bare hands next time. It isn't very comfortable.... :P


~ Cemeteries. Ok, maybe it sounds a little weird, but I really enjoy cemeteries. Reading the different headstones is extremely interesting, and it can be a very thought-provoking experience. In my experience, cemeteries have gone from creepy to really cool.

~ Watching the moon. There is something so peaceful and breathtaking about curling up in my giant round chair on a cloudless night and watching the moon out my window. It is my #1 solution for when I can't sleep, because it works amazingly, and I'm asleep within minutes. ♥

~ Ghiradelli chocolate chips! We found a bunch of semi-sweet chocolate chips that are lactose/dairy free! So far, I've only been able to find them at Sam's Club, and they are only $3 there. Yep, I'm outrageously happy. :)

~ Playing piano every day. This was one of the things on my monthly To-Do list, and I love it. It's very rejuvenating and relaxing. I'm hopefully starting up piano lessons again soon, so I'm really excited about getting back into the habit of daily practice.

~ Finishing a big project. Basement closet = done! Now I've just got the task of finishing up my own, and I'll be doing good. There is an awesome feeling that goes with finishing a huge organizing or cleaning project. That may be why I love it so much!

~ Hitting the "Publish" button on a blog post. I hope you enjoyed reading this, and you weren't bored out of your mind! I really enjoy blogging, and I really want the people who read my blog to enjoy it too. Leave a comment if there's something new that you want me to do, or what your favorite things to see are. I will absolutely welcome suggestions.


Now it's your turn! 
Comment below with your "Awkward and Awesome" stories, or write a post of your own and link it below! 
Much, much love,
                                                      ~Megan ♥

P.S. I am still doing the Photo-a-Day challenge this month, and I will do a giant post of all of my pictures at the end of the month! :)  


  1. This post got me laughing, but again I have made those same mistakes. An awkward moment for me: Moving my grandma this past week...never pile boxes till you can't see where you're going. If you are on the 2,3,4,floor and use an elevator, you may run into it...closed.and when it does open, you might run into ...someone. oops. That was embarrassing!!! An awesome moment:I have fun writing stories,especially with close friends. You're imagination can run wild, but it is sooooo refreshing and fun. ~Abby Love you Megan!

    1. Oh, and yes, the lady I ran into spoke fluent GENUINE Russian....and I don't know any, so when she spoke to me really fast, i couldn't understand her or answer her...which made the situation worse and even more embarrassing.. ~Abby

    2. Haha!! That's really funny! (I'm not sure why I haven't seen this before!) Maybe we should start taking Russian over Skype so that doesn't happen to either of us again. lol :)


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