Monday, May 11, 2015

Dear Mom: What Every Teen Daughter Wants Her Mom to Know

Dear Mom,
              Even though Mothers' Day was yesterday, I am writing this to you a day late in hopes that I may avoid the world of cliche' Mothers' Day posts. I also really want to speak straight from my heart to yours, so I am writing you about the things that myself and I'm sure many other girls my age want our mom to know.
Because you were my age once, I realize that you probably felt these things as well, so now that I am the one in this place, I thought it only appropriate that I should express them to you for myself.

I look up to you. Ever since I can remember, you have always been there to encourage me to become everything I am supposed to be. There are days when I feel like I am the one who really knows what is best, and I don't think that you understand what is really happening, but in the end, it is usually you who knew best after all. I have realized that some of the best advice and direction I have received is from my parents. There are still times when my pride gets the better of me and I want to do things my way, but I am very grateful for your gentle reminders and your wisdom in guiding me back to where I need to be.

I want to talk to you. I know I don't always view things rationally, and I tend to be very impulsive. It is much easier for me to stuff things inside and save them for later, when I could go to you and receive guidance and help. Sometimes it is hard for me to remember that you were my age at one time, and this makes it hard to talk to you about my problems, my dreams, even my quirky dramas. I really do want to be able to go to you and get advice, but most of all I usually just want a listening ear, because just talking about it makes everything seem that much better. Thank you for being patient with me through all of my crazy emotions. You truly have put up with a lot already.

I enjoy spending time with you. There has always been something fun about just hanging out with you, even if it involves doing absolutely nothing. Some of my favorite memories have been the times when we were giggling about random, silly things. I can have fun with you, be weird with you, laugh with you, and even have crazy girl talks with you. Thank you for all of the fun memories we have together. I am looking forward to making even more in the future!

I learn a lot from you. From learning my ABCs to cleaning, organizing, cooking, and those tough Algebra equations, you and Dad are my #1 teachers. Even though you have a lot of kids, each one of us has learned so many things from you and Dad. Every day I get excited about having kids of my own so I can be an awesome and fun mom like you.

I really love you. A lot. You were there for my first breath, my first word, my first steps, and my best and worst moments. I don't say it enough, and I may not always show it, but I really do admire you, respect you, and look up to you. I know you aren't perfect, (even though it is sometimes hard not to expect you to be) but you are the best mom I could ever ask for, and I thank God daily for your presence in my life. I love you more than words.

Thank you for all you do for us, Mom. You're the best.

                       ~Megan ♥    


  1. Megan, I started crying at your beautiful choice of words. My Mom really liked it too when I read it to her. Dad said you are a very good writer. I said "yes, she is a lot better than me." I am really grateful for my Mom too as I know several others are. Tell your Mom "Happy Mother's Day"from me. She took lots of time babysitting me and my siblings on top of her own kids and I don't know how she did it. Thanks again Mrs. R." Love you!~Abby

    1. Awww, I'm glad I was able to minister to you guys. I love your writing, Abby! Keep up the good work!
      Oh, and my mom says "Thank you, Abby! I was happy to babysit you two crazy girls!" (talking about me and you. lol) Love you too!! :) <3

    2. Thank you. I am certainly trying to write with more depth and feeling.<3 ~Abby


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