Monday, June 22, 2015

Dear Dad: What Every Girl Wants her Dad to Know

 Dear Dad,
            Because yesterday was Father's Day, I am writing a letter to you to express my appreciation for you and all that you do. I want to speak directly to you from my heart, and also to anyone else who reads this. 

I look up to you. I have learned so much from you, whether it was how something operates, how to deal with different situations, or even those tough Geometry problems that stress me out! Your guidance and direction has brought me through a lot. 

Thank you for making me laugh! Whenever I am upset about something, or even when I'm not, you know how to make me laugh. I'm very grateful to you for making life even more fun and interesting! 

I trust you. I may not always like your decisions or agree with them, but in the end, you are the one who knows best. In the future, I want your approval of whoever I may end up marrying, because I respect your judgement, and your opinion is important to me. 

I admire you. Ever since I was really little, I have always viewed you as the coolest dad around! You love Jesus, and you are an awesome example of true manhood. I hope to someday marry a man like you.

I love you. You are so caring and kind, you love God and your family, and you work hard to provide for all of us. I don't say it often enough, but I love you more than words!
Thanks for all you do for us, Dad. You're the best! :)
                                                                ~Megan ♥

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  1. I read this to my Dad and he said it was very nice. To tell you the truth, after you did the post for Mother's Day I started to do one for Father"s Day as well. I lost it,but, I told Dad that this was even better than mine. Dad said it was the thought that counts. BTW, "Happy Father's Day Mr. R." You put up with 7 kids of your own, on top of us three. 10 kids! How did you do it?~Abby

    1. I'm sure your post for Father's Day is beautiful, Abby! Don't give up! :) My dad said that you are funny. :) I'm not sure how he put up with all of us, or even how he put up with you and I being little giggly girls! haha :)


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