Thursday, June 18, 2015

Photo-a-Day | May 2015

Hey, y'all! I am finally getting around to doing this post!
You probably know that I did a photo-a-day thing last month, and I still haven't posted the pictures. Well, it's halfway through June and here they are! It took me a while to put them all together and figure out which ones to use, but I have it all here now. I will admit, with a few of the days, I wasn't able to actually take a picture of that thing that day, but I had pictures that were taken before, so I used those. It's probably cheating, but I didn't really have any other way of getting it.
So, without further ado, here are the pictures!

Day 1: I bought this--my t-shirt from our vacation to the beach.
Day 2: Morning ritual--coffee and devotions!
Day 3: This is really good!--David Rio Chai mix...some of the best stuff I have ever tasted!
Day 4: In my cup--homemade cookie dough iced coffee. (seriously, SO delicious)
Day 5: Paper--just a small glimpse into scene outlines for my novel!
Day 6: Broken--A chipped plate from a mug set at a thrift store.
Day 7: Something beginning with F--a fire extinguisher.
Day 8: Shape--a close-up of one of my favorite decorations in the house. (with an added sticker)
Day 9: A snack--my favorite food...pickles! :p
Day 10: Stars--The Stars and Stripes
Day 11: A smile--so maybe it's cheesy, but this is my friend. His name is Troll. (yeah, don't ask why)
Day 12: Mother--me and my mum
Day 13: Sunrise/Sunset--early morning in the back magical!
Day 14: Need--Focus. (kind of a weird picture idea, but I thought it looked cool..) 
Day 15: Seven O'Clock--ah, yes...Geometry..
Day 16: Mailbox--A mailbox, naturally!
Day 17: Season--Wet, rainy, but flowery! (a.k.a. Spring!)
Day 18: Want--A violin! (I'm actually getting one tomorrow!)
Day 19: My Favorite View--From my giant chair out my bedroom window. (especially at night)
Day 20: Light--Our back deck every afternoon.
Day 21: I care about this--My puppy, Bear. <3 (who's actually no puppy...)
Day 22: Change--Fresh picked flowers finally blooming in our back yard!
Day 23: PJs--My favorite Sherpa bathrobe with polar bears!
Day 24: Go--My family's trusty white van.
Day 25: Us--This most certainly embodies my family...
Day 26: Favorite thing to do on Sunday--Spend time in God's Word and fellowship with my church family!

Day 27: Can't live without--God's wisdom and guidance. Oh, and tea. And gel pens...
Day 28: What you're doing right now--Cat-sitting this cutie!
Day 29:'s a Hershey's kiss. I say it counts.
Day 30: Tool--These were my favorites to play with when I was younger...
Day 31: Four things--A yummy smelling candle, string, scissors, and a computer mouse.

That's all of the picture for the month of May! It was tons of fun to do, although I am disappointed that I wasn't able to take new picture for some of them. (No. 25 and 12.)
Maybe I'll do another one in the future, but for now, I have a few more ideas and posts in my head that I want to work on soon.
Here's the photo-a-day chart that I used...if you have a blog, you should do one of your own and comment with the link to your post!
                                                Yours truly,
                                                              ~Megan ♥ 


  1. Congrats on getting a violin! Will be sending letter soon. :-)......I am still finishing it up. Sorry. ~Abby

    1. I am working on one for you too, Abby! I'll send it soon. :) :)

    2. Are you taking lessons for violin?~Abby

    3. Can't wait for a letter!!!!!!

    4. I am not really taking lessons, but I have an instructional DVD course and things online and YouTube have been very helpful. There aren't really any violin teachers around here, and I also want to be able to learn at my own pace and kind of my own styles. (if you know what I mean.) :)

    5. Absolutely! Possibly in the future(after life slows down,on our part) we can Skype and I can teach you some really easy vibrato tips that barely anyone puts on DVDs or YouTube.~Abby

    6. Yes! I would love that! Our life needs to slow down a little first too. ;)


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