Thursday, June 11, 2015

June Resolutions {2015}

Yeah, I'm late with this one...again. No excuses, just apologies. So sorry!
I am actually really looking forward to the next few weeks, simply because I have a bunch of post ideas and inspirations ready to burst from my pen to a page, and I can't wait to catch up with everything! I also have a few more exciting things happening, so I may do a post full of ramblings on about my life and things going on. Because life really is beautiful. And awesome. And crazy. And I'm just now realizing that. I have so much to learn. 
Ok, my random has been satisfied...Now let's get into what this post is actually supposed to be about: my June Resolutions! 
1. Expand my culinary skills: Now that it's summer, I am able to do a lot more cooking and baking. This month, I'm hoping to put together some of my own recipes and ideas into something delicious. Perhaps I will put some of my recipes on Nutmeg and Koko, so keep an eye open!

2. Get outside every day: I'll admit it, I'm pretty afraid of ticks. Ok, so maybe I'm a little too worried, but in this area they are everywhere. I would like to get outside a little more this summer, anyway. I will either walk the dog, work with the flower beds, or some other outdoor activity, but I don't want to miss the nice, hot weather and beauty everywhere. 

3. Take a break from social media: Lately, I have realized the need for me to just take a break. I have been getting wrapped up in work, school, and media, and I am not taking time for the things that I used to do and enjoy the most. I'm going to designate an entire week (probably starting next week) just to write, catch up on reading, and spend some time finding things that I really enjoy doing. I will probably do a blog post or two still, but I'm going to stay away from Facebook, email, and my other social media accounts.

4. Start learning a new musical instrument: This is one of the things that I'm really excited about. I am going to buy a violin really soon! I have wanted to learn the fiddle for as long as I can remember, and I am just now going to start learning. I need to learn the basics with the violin first, and I'm hoping to invest in a fiddle in the future. (Once I learn the technique) I'm going to be learning off of instructional DVDs and online courses, so I'm hoping everything works out well! I really want to expand my musical abilities, and this is a super exciting opportunity! Yeah, I'm ridiculously excited. (if that wasn't already made obvious. :p)

Recurring Resolutions:

-Practice piano every day

-Write every day

-Blog at least once a week

-Read at least one book

So, what are your resolutions for this month? Let me know in the comments below, or, better yet, do a post of your own and comment with the link!

                                                       Until next time,

~Megan ♥ 

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  1. I am so excited!!!!!!!!!!!! Getting a violin. You will never regret it. ~Abby


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