Friday, February 5, 2016

Report Card: January Resolutions

Hello, everybody! Today I am finally doing my report card from my January Resolutions. Hopefully I will be a little more timely next month. :)
I didn't do everything I wanted to this month but I did make some headway in some areas, and I'm grateful for that. Enjoy! :)

1.) Write every day | B
I did a lot better with this goal than I have in the past, which is awesome! However, I didn't take the time every single day to sit down and write, so I am going to give myself a B. This will be going in my recurring resolutions, though!

2.) Read Anne of Green Gables | A
Yes! I did do this one, and I had SO much fun!! I posted a review on here, so if you want, you can read it here.

3.) Focus more on music | C
I feel like music kind of took a back burner this month, and I'm really disappointed about that. I was sick for a week, and in that time I really didn't do much with music at all.

4.) Read more | A
This I have been able to do, I read Anne of Green Gables this month, and I found a few new books that I want to read. I also started Pride and Prejudice, so I'm really excited about reading that! I usually don't like to be in the middle of multiple books at a time, but I will have to see how I do with it.

Overall Score:
I definitely didn't do as well as I wanted to in January, but I am hoping to be able to make more time for other things this month. (Such as writing and music!) 

Thanks for reading! I'm going to post my February resolutions (a little late) in a day or two. 
Have a lovely day!

                                                           ~Megan ♥

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