Saturday, July 30, 2016

July 2016: Month In Review

July was the last full month of summer break! I can't believe the year is more than halfway over!

Also: I am re-typing all of this on Friday night because I lost the entire post somehow... *sarcastic applause* *wails*

Ok, here's my July in review! Enjoy! :)

-I got a laptop! I have been writing almost everything by hand for years, but I could never do as much. It is so exciting to have my own place to work on my writing and store my files!

- I got to see my brother and sister-in-law: Since they live kind of far away, it was really great to see them again, even if it was only for one day. It is still strange not having all of my siblings at home!

- I guest posted on Abbie's blog!! I got to talk about writing over at Abbie's blog last week as part of her Explore US series! I am so grateful that I got to be a part of it! Thanks, Abbiee! ♥

- I also guest posted on Michaila's blog! As part of her blogiversary, Michaila interviewed me over at her blog! It was a lot of fun! Thanks, Michaila! ♥

-Do Hard Things by Alex and Brett Harris: This book is really good. It is about not settling for the average during your teen years, but rising beyond expectations and doing hard things. It has several stories of teens who did just that, along with a lot of encouragement and convicting points. I highly recommend it!

- Anne of Ingleside by L.M. Montgomery: I read this book as part of the reading challenge, and I really like it! I will be doing a review on Tuesday! :)

-Drangonspell by Donita K. Paul: This book actually isn't a favorite of mine. I started reading it, but I really didn't like it for some reason, and I may or may not finish it.


// Be Thou My Vision

// How Can I Keep from Singing

// I love this Sound of Music medley by Peter Hollens! I especially love "My Favorite Things." They sang it in a minor key and it sounds gorgeous! ♥

Hooray for regular posting!! ;) 

Being a Writer | What I've Learned

City of Ember Book Review 

5 Ways to get Writing Inspiration 

Guest Posts: 

Explore US: Writing 

Interview at Michaila's Blog 

July was a great month. I am super glad that I was able to post regularly, and I was honored to have the opportunity to guest post on two blogs!! 

I am looking forward to August! I will be starting my senior year of school, and I have some exciting posts, so stay tuned! 

 How was your month?
What was your favorite thing that you did?

Have a lovely day!! :) 

~Megan ♥

Read my last post here: 5 Ways to get Writing Inspiration


  1. Writing on a laptop is LIFE CHANGING!!! Love it. And I ADORED your guest post on Abbie's blog!! It was great!! <3

    1. It is completely life changing! I LOVE IT!

      And thank you so, so much, Grace Anne! You're so kind! ♥ :)

      ~Megan <333

  2. I love your style of writing, Megan. Month in review posts are always fun to read.

    I was wondering, would you be interested in guest posting over on my blog?? I would love it if you would consider this. Perhaps we could do a guest post swap if you were interested in that. If not, I'd love for you to post on my blog, but if you're busy and not interested then that's all good! Have a lovely day! :)
    Blessings, Bonnie

    1. Ajkfljlskdjf Thank you SO SO much, Bonnie! I would love to do a guest posting swap! If you want, you can email me and we can figure that out! :) ( ♥♥

      ~Megan <333

    2. Yay!! So excited! Emailed you.

  3. I love Anne of Ingleside - it's one of my very favorites in the series, I think.
    Congrats on your laptop! :)

    Ellie | On the Other Side of Reality

  4. DUDE CONGRATS ON THE LAPTOP!! *waffles and confetti* I honestly don't know what I would do without my laptop *cuddles it* and it's also super nice to be able to take it everywhere you go and have allll da books. MUAHAHHAA.

    It was an honor to have you guest post on my blog, girl!! Thank you again!! :D


    1. ABBIEE!! I've missed you in the land of blogging! Actually, I think we all have. *Can I get a hearty AMEN!*

      Thank you so much! I was honored to be able to post on your blog. :)

      *hugs and waffles* ♥

      ~Megan <333

  5. Yea!!!!!!!You got your laptop!!!! ~Abby <3<3<3

  6. I just listened to the music. I loved the sound of music medley. ~Abby <3<3<3


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