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The Most Important Lesson Learned in My Teenage Years (feat. Bonnie)

Hello, everybody! This week I have a bonus post going up! *confetti and cheering* 
Today I'm really excited, because I am doing a post swap with Bonnie!! This girl is amazing, and I have been over the top with excitement the whole time we've been planning this! Bonnie has an amazing blog, and if you aren't already following it, you should, because SHE'S FABULOUS. She is so full of wisdom, and I am honored to have her share some of that with you today on my blog!  I also did a post over on Bonnie's blog, so if you want to, you can go read that here!
Ok, I'm going to stop gabbing now and hand it over to Bonnie!  

First of all, I’d like to extend a big thank you to Megan for kindly allowing me the opportunity of posting on her blog. Guys, she’s awesome! :)

Since we’re doing a guest post swap, today Megan is posting over on my blog, Bonnie’s Blessings. We’re each answering the question: "What is the most important lesson you have learned in your teenage years?"

This is going to be fun! Let’s get into it!

In May 2016 I turned the ripe old age of 18. This means, ladies and gentlemen, that I am now legally recognised as an adult by the government of New Zealand. Which is kind of scary but also quite exciting.

It also means that most of my teenage years are gone. My teenage years have been fantastic. I have had the privilege of being homeschooled. I got a part time job when I was 15 and have been doing a course part time while still being ‘officially’ homeschooled. I help out at Christian kid’s camps most holidays and have activities directed and assistant directed them (which is SO. MUCH. FUN!). I’ve met heaps of awesome people. I went skydiving. I went on a mission trip to China. I’ve had triumphs. I’ve made mistakes. I’ve cried; and laughed; and learned a lot. About God. And about myself. 

But if I was to pinpoint one, most important, lesson that I’ve learnt?

It would be this:

Don’t take yourself too seriously.

The Bonnie-of-the-past has always been someone who has the tendency to take herself seriously. And I think that this links back to holding my opinions of myself too high - this is called pride!

When I made mistakes, I would beat myself up about it. Because I wasn’t good enough. I didn’t try hard enough. I had failed. (Yes, that naughty F-word. Failure.)

But I’ve learnt that failure isn’t fatal. It’s merely feedback.
Failure isn’t something to be ashamed of. We all make mistakes! We all try… and miss the mark sometimes. Yes, sometimes we’ll make it. But sometimes we won’t. 

And the key is to learn from your mistakes. And to keep trying. To keep doing new things, to keep trying again and again and again. To not take yourself too seriously. Don’t hold yourself up to that ridiculously high pedestal!
Our loving Father’s heart for us is for us to glorify Him in all that we do. And when we beat ourselves up over our mistakes, isn’t that sending a certain message? Isn’t that saying, “God, I don’t like the way you’ve made me. This body of mine can’t do the things I want it to do. This brain can’t do the things I’ve decided I HAVE to do. Not only have I failed, YOU’VE failed!” 

Friends, God doesn’t fail. He doesn’t make mistakes. You are not a mistake.

Don’t take yourself too seriously. You have been made perfectly - fearfully and wonderfully! Think about what you are subconsciously saying to God when you’re disgusted with yourself about something you’ve done or failed to do.

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again (mostly because I’m trying to convince myself of it :P) - failure isn’t fatal! It’s simply feedback.

Learn from your mistakes. Our loving God is always with us, supporting and encouraging us. He isn’t our coach, criticizing us in all our efforts. He’s our support. He is team YOU. He’s on your side!

I’m starting to realise that mistakes are okay. And I think that’s a really cool thing to know, and to remember, and to remind yourself of, because it takes the pressure off!

Who wants unnecessary pressure on them? *looks around expectantly and nobody raises their hands* I thought so. Nobody does!

When we take ourselves less seriously, we’re able to see the humour in situations and find the silver lining when things don’t go the way we want it to.

I’ve learnt a lot in my teenage years. But this one lesson of not taking myself too seriously is really important to me.
My hope, for you, is that if you find you’re taking yourself too seriously, you’ll remember that failure isn’t fatal - it’s merely feedback.

May you have a blessed day! :)

About the Author:
Hey! I'm Bonnie - nice to meet you! I’m the second eldest of a big family and live in the South Island of New Zealand. I’m a journaler, chocolate addict and a lover of beautiful music (especially violin!). My desire is to glorify the Lord with my life! I’d love to catch up with you through my blog, Bonnie’s Blessings.


  1. Amazing post, Bonnie! I loved all of it- so true! <3 And I'm heading over to check out yours on Bonnie's blog, Megan. :)

  2. Oh Bonnie! This was spot on and I fully agree with you! Oh yes...that lovely little thing called pride is something I'm learning to ditch! I think that failure is important to the learning process...we only learn to ride a bike by falling off a couple times, right? Thankfully we have the hand of GOD holding onto us and that is a tremendous comfort and blessing, don't you think?
    Beautifully written!
    And Megan...I have found another lovely blog to visit!
    What a great idea this ''post swap'' was - you both wrote wonderful, inspiring posts!
    Blessings n' love!

    1. Thank you so much Kelly-Anne! You're so kind!

      I was really encouraged by what Bonnie said about failure. I tend to hold myself to a huge standard and I feel like a failure when I don't measure up! But it is SO comforting to know that in all our failures, God NEVER fails!

      Thanks for stopping by!! ♥

  3. I love this post so much!! I just became a teenager earlier this week, and it's so nice to hear from girls who have been through it all! Thank you!

    1. Welcome to the club, Abigail!! :D

      Trust me, we haven't been through it all, but we're learning, and I'm so glad we could help you! ♥♥

  4. Great post Bonnie! I am 16 and best friends with Megan and I want you to know I loved your post. So true and encouraging to us teens out there. Thank you for sharing! God bless you. ~Abby <3<3<3

    1. Thanks, Abby! Nice to 'meet' you through blogging. You're so sweet. The teenage years can be challenging and I've been so blessed by some wonderful bloggers out there. So glad you found it encouraging.

    2. Nice to 'meet' you too. ~ Abby<3<3<3


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