Wednesday, August 31, 2016

August 2016: Month in Review

August has officially ended, which means it is time for another month in review post! This month was fabulous. So many cool little things that happened just made it a generally happy month!

Let's get into it!

- I started my senior year of school! I still haven't fully wrapped my mind around the fact that I am almost done. Like WAIT WHAT I FEEL LIKE I'M STILL IN KINDERGARTEN WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? But it's real and I'm a senior in high school and I will be done soon and GAH I AM SO EXCITED!! *flailing* (that was a lot of capital letters but WHATEVER :p)

- I didn't read any books. Like, none at all. I feel like a terribly naughty child. I promise September will be better so PLEASE DON'T COME AFTER ME UNICORN ARMIES!!

- I started my novel! (kind of) I'm still in a little bit of a planning stage, but I'm really getting into it, and it's SO exciting! *screaming*

- I did a post swap with Bonnie!! Definitely go read those posts!! We talked about the most important lesson we have learned in our teenage years. It was so much fun doing this together!

- I also did a Q&A with my best friend! We had bucket-loads of fun doing it, and if you haven't read it yet, you absolutely should!!


I won't be doing an Anne of Green Gables review this month either, because I didn't read ANYTHING. :'(

Ahh, music!! I always get excited about this part in the post. :) I listened to TONS of music this month, and I love so much of it! I'll try to keep it down to just a few though. :)

//Beauty and The Beast by Peter and Evynne Hollens:
 This one is the song I have been waiting for them to do together for SO long!! GAH IT'S GORGEOUS! :''') 

//There is a Fountain Filled With Blood by Red Mountain Church

//Plowin' Song by The Willis Clan  

//Though You Slay Me ft. John Piper

I think this month was my record for blog posts!! I LOVE posting consistently, and it makes me so happy to know that I was able to stay on track!

August was a fabulous month! I am really excited about September, because that means fall is basically here, which means sweaters and pumpkins and pretty leaves and spices and candles and all the happy things and I'M SO EXCITED.
Are you excited about fall? 
What was your favorite part of August??  

Have a lovely day!! 
~Megan ♥


  1. I didn't know that you did month-in-review posts! My will go up tomorrow! It's called August Highlights. I'd love if it if you could read it tomorrow! :)

    I didn't read any books either! I didn't have a lot of time for my hobbies this month, because of school and such. I feel like I am still in Kindergarten too!

    With love and all joy,
    Allie D.

    1. I'm late responding to this, but I read yours!

      GAH I was horrified that I didn't get any reading in! :p

      Growing up is so weird. :D

      Thank you so much for commenting, Allie! ♥

  2. Good luck with your novel!

    August was lovely for me, ahhhh. I started school again, which I love, and I've read some really great books.

    Ellie | On the Other Side of Reality

    1. EEP thank you, Ellie!! August was a great month. SO good. September is already fabulous too! GAH LIFE IS GREAT. :D

      CONGRATULATIONS ON READING BOOKS LIKE I FAILED TO DO. :p Yeah, I still haven't quite gotten over that yet. :D

      Thank you for commenting, Ellie! :)

  3. It sounds like you had a good month! I like it when lots of little things happen that make the months extra-special. :)

    Thanks for sharing your favourite music - I'll be checking some of those out. :) All the best with your novel, and senior year - happy September!

    1. Thank you so much, Jessica!! Have a great September! :) ♥

  4. Congratulations on starting your senior year!! That's so exciting:) Good luck with your novel!!! I need to get back to mine, the poor thing feels a bit abandoned lately, haha.

    1. Thank you so much, Grace! I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT MY NOVEL. It's coming very slowly, but I'll get there! :D


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