Saturday, September 24, 2016

The Ultimate Writer's Tag!

Hello lovely people!! 

First off, I am SO sorry that I didn't post last week..I had something that I was going to put together, but I had kind of an off week last week, so I ended up not posting after all.
Today I am going to do something super fun! Allie over at Spreading My Joy put together this Ultimate Writer's Tag, and I was fortunate enough to be tagged by her for it! So a super-huge THANK YOU to Allie for tagging me! Go give her blog a follow!

First, we gotta have some here they are:

1.) Link back to the blogger who tagged you
2.) Answer all of the questions, including the Ultimate Writer Question
3.) Make up your own Ultimate Writer Question
4.) Tag as many writers as you would like

OK, let's get into the tag!!

1.) When did you start writing?
I have been writing since I was really little. Like, the stories written with crayon on construction paper kind of little. In fact, I actually have my first books that I wrote, and a bunch of papers with ideas written down on them from a long time ago! (I will never use them because they are terrible ideas but I keep them for sentimental reasons :D)

2.) What are the best things about writing?
GAH there are so many different things that I love about writing! I really like being able to use my creativity with words. I also love how basically every writer is original, and there is so much variety! There is also a great community of writers that makes it a ton of fun!

3.) What are the worst things about writing?
Writer's block is pretty much the only thing that I hate about writing. UGH it is SO frustrating! (I mean I thought I was a writer what happened to all the words???)

 4.) What is your favorite thing to write? (novels, short stories, poems, etc.)
A lot of what I am writing now is my blog posts, but I also do a lot of rambling/my thoughts kind of things. (that probably made very little sense sorry :p) I am finding that novel writing is really fun as well, and I am exploring some of the other things, so I am still figuring out what I like the most!

5.) What is your favorite genre of writing?
I'm actually not sure! Fiction is generally what I prefer though.

6.)  What are your favorite writing resources?
I really like inspiration boards for ideas, and Go Teen Writers puts out some really good writing help as well!

7.) Do you like writing from guy's POV or girl's POV?
I have written from both, but I think I like writing from a girl's POV better. It's probably because I am a girl and can understand how my girl characters would feel. :D

8.) What is your favorite music to listen to when writing?
 Listening to music (no matter what genre) while I'm writing drives me CRAZY. I can't focus, and I end up writing down lyrics instead of what I am actually trying to write. I really wish I could listen to music while I write, but it just doesn't work. *sobs*
9.) What are your favorite writing snacks?
COFFEE. (even though it's technically not a snack but it's still amazing MUAHAHA) Also trail mix or cookies. (Because I love cookies.) :D

10.) What is your favorite place to write?
Either sitting on my bed by the open window or outside!

11.) What is your favorite time to write/when do you write best?
I like writing in the afternoon a lot, but I write best late at night.

12.) What are your favorite famous authors?
L.M. Montgomery (Because Anne of Green Gables, obviously. :p) and C.S. Lewis.

13.) What/Who inspires you to keep writing?
-My amazing best friend, Abby
-My parents
-The blogger squad!! I love you guys so much! ♥

14.) How/Where do you find inspiration?
I love reading books to get inspired. When I do a lot of reading (especially old literature!), it makes me more excited to do my own writing! Also, inspiration boards online are pretty amazing as well.

15.) Who are your writing buddies?
Almost since I started writing, my best friend and I have been doing it together, and even though we live really far apart, we still keep up with each other on how we are doing, what we are writing, etc. I love it!
Again, it is really amazing having a family of writers online. It helps a lot to have encouragement, support, and advice from all of the lovely bloggers!!

What is your best advice for editing?
AH, editing. I think every writer will agree that editing can be one of the most frustrating parts of writing. It's the time when you go over what you were really proud of doing and realize that it is laced with mistakes, which usually leaves you thinking "UGH WHY AM I EVEN A WRITER THIS IS HORRIBLE." It can also involve a lot of head pounding, hair ripping, internal screaming, etc. 
I think my advice would be do not give up on it! It can be really easy when you are in the middle of all the stressful plot mess-ups or character problems to just give up and throw everything away, but DON'T! 
Also, don't be afraid to take a break and put your work away for a while. It helps to just step back and come back with a different perspective and a clear mind. :) 

My Ultimate Writer Question:
 If you were not a writer, what would you be?

And I tag..
EVERYONE because Allie did a pretty thorough job of tagging people! So if you weren't tagged by her, you are tagged by me!! Yay go do it!! You can do your own blog post, or, if you prefer, you can do it in the comments! It's tons of fun, I promise. :)

Have a lovely day!! :) 

 ~Megan ♥


  1. What a fun tag, Megan! I loved reading your answers. Allie tagged me for the one too, and I can't wait to do it! :)

  2. ANNE OF GREEN GABLES THOUGH. THE FEELS. Basically my childhood summed up in one series :D I'm unhealthily excited for 'ANNE' the series netflix is making- can't wait!!

    Loved reading your answers to this Megan :D


    Anne <3 //

    1. GAH I KNOW RIGHT?!?!? You'll have to tell me how that series is! I don't have Netflix *wailing* but I'd love to hear about it!

      Thank you so much, Anne! (you're get to share her name! :p) ♥

  3. COFFEEEEEEEEEEEEE *sips beautiful nectar of life* 'Tis the best writing snack ever, yesyes.

    Also, you've probably already tried this but I just thought I'd mention ... instrumental music? Have you ever tried writing to that? Spotify's Deep Focus playlist is amazingggg and so is their Peaceful Piano. They're both super low-key and I usually tone it out but it still seeps into my sub-conscience and inspires my scenes. It's like ... writing a book (at least for me) is watching a movie, and the gentle music is the soundtrack. You don't really pay much attention to it, but you sure notice if it's not there. Kind of the same with writing for me! Although I do write in silence often (or, as much silence as i can get at my house lol)

    Fun tag! Thanks for sharing! <3

    1. YES COFFEE. Where would I be without it?

      Well, I have tried some instrumental music, but it is mostly the Piano Guys, so their music is probably not the best option. I will definitely look into the deep focus playlist! In fact, I'm gonna go follow that one right now!


  4. Oh my gosh, ALL THE YES to what Hannah said above! The Spotify Deep Focus playlist is my go-to for intense writing sessions, and I love it very much. :D

    Awesome tag! It was fun reading it. :)

    // katie grace
    a writer's faith

    1. That playlist must be pretty awesome! I'm definitely going to check it out! :)

      Thank you, Katie!! ♥


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