Thursday, September 29, 2016

Rainbow Valley: September Review

Guess what post I am doing today? Finally, I am back into the Anne of Green Gables Reading Challenge!! (Uhhh, it's about time, Megan. :p) I KNOW I kind of became a slacker with reading, but this month I decided that even though my time was pretty crunched, I would at least read the next Anne book. A long road trip provided the perfect opportunity, and I read the entire thing in one day! SO (as you probably already figured out), I am going to review Rainbow Valley, which is the seventh book in the Anne of Green Gables series! 

So this book really isn't about Anne and Gilbert as much as it is about their kids. And actually, the minister's children are what the book is even more about. The minister, John Meredith, is a widowed father of four young children who is rarely aware of what is really happening. He always seems to be in a deep reverie of some kind, and because of this, his children are getting into all kinds of scrapes. They are often the center of the gossip in the town, and many of the old ladies are horrified at what comes out of the manse.

Shortly into the book, another little girl comes on the scene. Her name is Mary Vance, and she is a little orphan who was found by the manse children after she ran away from her cruel mistress. She stays at the manse for quite some time, and there is no end to the adventures and crazy mishaps that come from it. The Blythe children, the Merediths, and Mary form a wonderful friendship, and they spend many days in their little sun-kissed Rainbow Valley. 

Between the children's adventures, the happenings around the village of Glen St. Mary, and even a bit of romance, this book was delightful. It is an easy read, and a really entertaining one as well! I highly recommend it! 

Have you read Rainbow Valley?
What has been your favorite Anne book so far?

Have a lovely day! :) 



  1. I love all of the Anne of Green Gables book! Rainbow Valley is so funny. :)


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