Friday, January 16, 2015


::;listening to:: a kids story with my siblings, the washer running, the clock ticking, and the cats playing
::eating:: noodles and spaghetti sauce, lunch meat and lettuce sandwich and a mandarin orange (lunch)
::wearing:: grey and pink striped shirt and jeans
::feeling::  inspired, calm, happy, thoughtful
::weather:: clear and sunny with snow's beautiful!
::wanting::  to see my Ohio friends, to grow my hair really long (it's happening quickly!)
::needing::  to slow down in life, patience, to get back into writing again, efficiency with school
::thinking:: about the future, about ideas for new YouTube videos
::enjoying:: making videos, editing, cooking, imagining, organizing, taking pictures, rearranging
::hoping for:: some more snow soon, beautiful sunshine, getting ahead on school, graduating early
::starting:: a new semester/schedule, a Bible study, a challenging piano piece
::planning:: a wedding with my sister! (really, guys, it's soo much fun)
::drinking:: lots of coffee (as you can see from my picture), oh and I'm really loving coconut water right now.
::making:: YouTube videos, lots of food, memories, happiness
::thankful for:: life, family, friends, God's ever-amazing grace and perfect peace, love, and I could go on forever. (counting 1,000 gifts this year!)
::learning:: contentment, joy, peace, trust, and Geometry concepts...
::excited about:: weddings this year, family vacation, the future

What's going on currently in your life? Leave a comment below and let me know, or, if you have a blog, do a post like I did, and leave the link in the comment section! I'd love to link up with you!
Love y'all!!


  1. Having fun writing a new book. ~Abby

    1. :) :) I can't wait to read it!! I'm starting one soon, too. :) <3

    2. Did I ever send you my book entitled "An English Christmas?" ~Abby

    3. I'll be sending it soon, I promise!!!!~Abby


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